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Becky Vandenbroek

Designer/Renovator At Heart

Real Estate To Make It Easy

Scandinavian barn style home

About Me


Welcome to my website! As a real estate agent and design expert, I'm here to offer you a full-service real estate experience. I combine my knowledge of real estate, design, and new home building and renovations to ensure that you have the best possible outcome when buying or selling your home. And, if you need a recommendation for 80's music or tacos, I've got you covered!

Dining room and Kitchen

Buckle up, because being my client comes with exclusive benefits!  

Residential Price Analysis and Assessment

Navigating the real estate market can be challenging, given its dynamic nature. With ever-changing market conditions and forecasts, each listing includes a comprehensive pricing analysis and cost evaluation. This information aims to guide you in making the optimal decisions for your significant move. Let's decipher this market maze together, so your next move can be as smooth as butter!

Free Design Consultation

As your seasoned interior design wizard, I'm handing out free design consultations like confetti! Whether you're sending your house off to its runway debut or just want to jazz up your kitchen before selling, count me in. And hey, if you're on the quest for that elusive 'Unicorn Home,' fear not – I'm a 'Certified Unicorn Chaser' and I've got the map to transform any potential dwelling into your mythical dream pad!

Marketing Perks

Allow my interior design expertise and the mad skills of my marketing team to kick into action for you. Through the magic of professional photography, videography, virtual tours, and artfully crafted home staging, your property is about to steal the spotlight, making it a must-have for potential buyers! 

Let's Chat!

460 Ada Dr. #120

Ada, Michigan 49301


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